On Line General Meeting 2.4.07 - 9.4.07 re Change of name to ALARA Inc.

27 Mar 2007 - 9:28am
2 Apr 2007 - 9:28am



Members Notice - Please vote on this very important issue 

Notice of General meeting re special resolution on name change to be held at www.alarpm.org.au from the week beginning April 2, 2007. In accordance with Associations Incorporation Act 1981and the ALARPM constitution, this written notice informs you of a general meeting to be held to vote on the special resolution below.   Special resolution: Proposed change of name Rationale for Special resolution re name change of organisation Following Management and Executive committee meetings, there has been increasing support for a new name that more clearly represents the aims of our organisation and the interests of its members. The PM acronym for 'Process Management' has the potential to confuse or mislead people whose interest lies in the Action research/learning aspect of work.  On the basis of a general consensus that it is timely and appropriate, the following motion will be proposed:  That the current time of the organisation Action Learning, Action Research and Process Management Association Inc. be changed to

Action Learning, Action Research Association Inc.

Please complete the voting form and email to admin@alarpm.org.au   


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