Dear Susie

I have managed to find a way to log onto the site and will navigate my way to the publications group.



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Welcome online Janet

Hi Janet,

Congrats on making it online and posting to your ALARPM blog!

You'll notice that when you do log in that all recent posts to member's blogs and groups (that you are involved in) appear as your own personal "homepage". I find this a good way to get a sense, or overview, of what's been happening on the site with ALARPM members.

The groups you have access to are listed on the right-hand side in a box so you can click the link to go directly to a group - another handy tool!

If you don't log in and come the the ALARPM homepage, you'll notice it is different. This is how the general public will view the site to see what's going on.

I look forward to hearing more from you ...online!

Cheers, Marg :o)

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