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Introducing myself

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Hi everyone! Have been playing around our ALARPM website and thought I'd leave a blog post to get started! :o) I'm currently working at the Canberra Institute of Technology as a member of the Flexible Learning Solutions team and am into my third week here! I'm enjoying the change to Canberra and hope to be here for some time. If you're in the area please give me a call and we can catch up! [btw - selected 'restricted-1' from the Member page drop-down menu - not sure if it means this post is private?]

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Hi Margaret and everyone on publishing group

I can't work out how to do the blog thing on this page... when I link to the blog on the member page it doesn't have a publications group box to tick - sorry

Anyway my intro -
Have been a freelance action researcher since 1990 - working across 3 tiers of govt in 4 states in areas of social and environmental policy. Ran two consultancies to deliver the work - have delivered 23 participatory projects using action research, action learning and participatory evaluaton in broad range of industry sectors. Am published (one book, couple of chapters in other books, several reports and papers), have been engaged in Australia, UK and NZ as guest lecturer at a range of uni courses and facilitator of AR doctoral student collaborative groups. Closed up shop to be full time scholarship student completing PhD "the value of participatory practices to sustainability" - at Centre for Cultural Research University of Western Sydney. Submitted end 2006 and am currently under examination. 
Now - supporting ALARPM to get a little more into action mode on Ernie's invitation, while waiting for results and looking around for work opportunities... broad canvas and few possibilities. Susan Goff

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Checking access 2

Here I am again.   This time I am trying to respond to this post which 'appears' in the "Publications Group" subset, and the "ALARPM Website" subset of 'Groups'.

Apparently, though I am not a member of the "Publications Group", I can respond to this item since the 'Post new comment' screen appears, and I am offered the 'reply' active link. Now to see (again - first time of trying a pop-up blocker my end disconnected the process when I tried to create a link) if I can indeed post, as I did in the ALARPM website sector.

So here I am, Marg, spreading the learning too: is this too reflexive by half?

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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Noticing and Updating things


Your above introduction clarified how 'recent' has been your move to Canberra.  What was then 'interesting' for web-based interactions and change, etc, was that following the link involved a change, and such that I am now taken to a flash web page for Online learning, which doesn't easily (to my first glance) link me to see who is on the Flexible Learning Solutions 'team'.

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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Clarifying and colouring

Dianne, good observations and with the groups and 'seeing' various posts...

There has been a little bit of tweaking admin wise, but mostly, and especially with my posts, I've not only released my posts to particular sub-groups, but also for public or members view.

I revised some of my posts from Ross' suggestion to try to make posts public wherever possible and I did that and reviewed also access for other groups.

BTW the page for the FLS team is here: http://samson.cit.act.edu.au/htm/fls.htm - it's not comprehensive, so I tend to link to our main page (Samson), so others can see the breadth of our work.

Cheers, Marg :o)

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From the UTS AR Community

Dear all,

I am now working at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in their Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building and moved here from Southern Cross University in September last year. While I was wondering what action research I will do among property managers and construction engineers  Susie Goff managed to round up action researchers at UTS for an informal get together.

Thanks to Susie's initiative we now have an action research community at UTS. We have held two meetings so far and planning one with Eileen (from NZ) on 24th August when we will also discuss about the ALARA monographs. There seems to be an across the board interest in action research and action learning.

UTS is located right in the centre of CBD (opposite the Central Station) and so if you want some 'action researching and learning company' you can let me know and I will keep you informed of any meetings or seminars that are held at the campus




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Teaching by doing


You have taught me another lesson.   Post my own 'introducing myself' blog entry, and then have it appear in the various groups to which I am a member ... such efficiency!

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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UTS AR links at a distance

Hi again all, and thanks Shankar for the AR invite! As a distance student, I'd certainly be looking for opportunities to connect with you and others shoud I be travelling to Sydney and UTS especially.

I get the sense there's a burgeoning AR community developing with UTS as a space or focus point, which is wonderful!

I guess it's a case of not only watch this space, but create this space further!

Cheers, Marg :o)

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Alumni Access Claim

And I hope to be there, when I can organise the travel, claiming alumni status.

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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