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My very first blog

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Well, what to do? and how? and how do others interact with this?

And: I can't find any indication of others' blogs here, that I might interact with.

Reminds me of the fabulous comment of a senior Local Government manager, dealing with muttering ... 'Talking to myself is perfectly permissible ... it's the only way I can get an intelligent conversation around here!'

Ah well, it's worth the try. If no one starts, there is nothing to respond to, nothing to say.

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Keeping on Exploring

Well, I also found some of Margaret O'Connell's (I think I have remembered this correctly)blogs.

When I click on 'recent posts' it gives me posts in the forums, and the blogs, and in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest.

It doesn't look like I can respond to Margaret's blog though ... and I thought that was what you could do with blogs.

I was interested to see that Margaret blogged her person info, and I haven't yet seen if she has responded to the discussion/s with a post.

Having the personal area for personal stuff is probably better than setting up another discussion topic, and having the replies and mirror posts posted there, and relatively 'hidden'.

I continue to live and learn :-)

Dianne Allen

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Have I reached you Dianne?

Hi Dianne.

I'm currently valiantly trying to get my head around this site, having never "blogged" before.

I hope this reaches you

Sandra :?

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Reaching me

Hi Sandra,

This has indeed reached me.

At this point you are posting a response to my blog, and thereby having a conversation with me, and whoever else is reading my blog.

Furthermore, you are having a conversation with me, and my blog posts, at this point of my blog.  My blog now (28/6/2007) consists of 9 starting topics, from this one 'My very first blog', to my most recent on 'Going public' on (20/3/2007).  The blog entry 'dammit ... ' has had 19 interactions (mostly between myself and Ross and John about difficulties I was having with the site).  The blog entry 'Refreshing skills' with 7 comments, represents a conversation with Marg and Ernie about learning, and in this environment.   The other blog entries are mostly about learning to use this environment, and as I have scanned them, yesterday, in preparation for the post I have promised Bev when responding to your blog's initiated conversation, they are almost incomprehensible.  I have also posted responses to other blogs, and in particular entries of Ed, Susie and Marg.

Blogging, it seems to me, compared to threaded discussion, allows an author of the blog to compile a record of their thinking, as it develops, and to have that kept/represented chronologically as well as topically, providing I, as author, follow the discipline of keeping on bringing entries related to the initiated topic, to that topic.  Linking to other entries either of other bloggers or of my own posts in blogs of other authors might help build connections.  But, by and large, the 'blog' feels to me more diffuse and disparate.   And when I use the subject area to 'change the subject', the initiating blog can lose contact with the current real topic of the conversation.   Marg shows how she manages that when she converged and condensed her blog post about her VET study.

Since I was 'brought up' (my earliest first learning in the e-environment, on engaging with open discussion interactions among a peer group) was with a simple threaded discussion (see ARLIST and networks in Community ZERO), I still feel most comfortable with that.

From this site there is also ANOTHER WAY of reaching me (and any other member), and that is to click on the member's name link, and when in their profile, clicking on the 'contact' tab.  The system will then provide an email form and generate an email form for private communications, should the recipient respond.  That is when the conversation leaves this open forum and becomes private.

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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It's Sandra again!!

Hi Di.

I have one more question to ask you regarding blogging. If I reply to you once you have replied to me (and which i have received on my blog site) do you get my reply to you on your blog site? It appears that I need to go onto your blog site to correspond with you. So in order for you to read my reply to you you're going onto my blog site right?

I hope I have it right, I feel like a bit of a dweeb right now.

kind regards


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Blogs, and where we are at ...

As I understand it Sandra, there are two basic modes of blog operation:

(1) where you post to your blog; and you can establish new posts to your own blog as frequently as you like

(Check out your own blog 'front page' - you will see only one post so far, which is getting longer and more convoluted every moment we add to it and you respond; then check out my blog by clicking on the active link Dianne Allen's blog; and then check out MargaretOC's blog.  What you will see there is that we have a number of different 'diary entries' with different thrusts.  You can respond to any of these you wish; we can add to any of these as we wish.  We can have a 'conversation' by responding to any of these we wish, and toing-and-froing as much as we like.  Notice how Marg and I have started, and then stopped one thread, to start another.  We do that every now and then to clarify where out conversation has got up to, and to continue from that point, in a fresher area.)

To establish a new blog thrust (or theme), go to 'My blog' under your membership recognition box, and click on the 'Post New Blog' link.   Alternately, go to 'Create New Content', and select 'Blog entry'.   Either way you start a new blog entry with a new node number, and as that post is commented on, or left to hang out to dry, you will get a growing collection of posts and responses.

(2) where you post to another person's blog, as here.   That post then stays with the other person's blog.   You can find out where else you have also posted by clicking on 'My Account' link, and then clicking on 'Tracking' tab.  That shows you where you have been active, both in your own blog, and with others' blogs.

This fabulous system also has a 'notify' feature.  You go to "My Account" and then click on the 'my notify settings' tab, and select which options you want there.  Then, as others post, you will get an email message from the system about that, and you can decide if you want to come in and respond ... (My settings are: 'notify status' is 'enabled'; 'notify new content' is 'enabled', and I opt for 'title and body' content; 'notify new content' is 'enabled'.)

[I operate these kinds of electronic systems on the old tried and true trial-and-error approach: do it, see what happens; if you don't like it come back in and change it, until you do like what you get.  Because it is only a mechanical system, and what I call 'the-absolutely-obedient-idiot', (ie it does what I told it to do, not what I wanted it to do), you are fairly safe with the trial-and-error approach, unless it begins to behave in the way that my local IT boffin described - FRED = Frequently Ridiculous Electronic Device.  At that point I am reduced to communicating with the technos here.]

I hope this helps you do what you want to do, when and how you want to do it, and in a knowing way.

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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