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Ho! so there are a variety of ways of adding to the Blog

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First there is 'post a new entry' - I guess that gets a separate heading in the blog record.

Then there is a 'reply' to a previous post. I have done one of those to my 'very first blog entry'.

Then there is an 'add comment' link. I'll try that one next and see what I learn!

But I still can't see how I make a comment to Margaret's blog, and commend her for her showing the way, and giving me something else to learn from and with!

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Here's my learning on the 'add a new comment'

Well, there it comes. As soon as I post my blog I can PS to it! That's one way of capturing the after-thoughts! There's no function for footnotes, though,so it doesn't look like I'll be writing my next thesis here.

Dianne Allen

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learning about blogging

Great to see a fellow-blogger Dianne!
Can you 'reply' to my blog posts in the same way you PS to yours? I clicked reply to comment here on your blog...

I don't find this blog platform as intuitive as others, but am giving it a go!

We can work it out together! :o)

Marg O'C

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Oh Oh confused again!

Hmm, I am not sure what is going on here.
Apparently I can respond to Marg's response to my blog.

Apparently I can not respond to Marg's original, initiating blogs.

Also, there didn't appear to be anyway I could respond to Gorm's first dip in blogoland ...

And alas, I have really no idea about how to make an active link with anyone else's contributions. Do I have to have another window with ALARPM open, as if a non-member, or something like that?

I have been in other portals when I have thought to go back and copy and paste, and then I have found that my other inputing had been shuffled off to never-never land. Sometimes I remember to copy and paste in a WORD doc as back up ...

Dianne Allen

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