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While I am at it what does the XML button do?

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As I am sooo new to blogging and RSS feeding etc, I am wondering:

when I am invited to post and the XML button is on offer, does that somehow register that post with the gremlins that generate the RSS feed (and do I really think I know what I am talking about, flinging these terms and acronyms around?!)

and does that then mean that the blog becomes 'public' - dare one say 'property'?

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XML and RSS gremlins...

Dianne, you're right about RSS and the gremlins! :o)

If you have a news reader (I use Bloglines - you can subscribe to the updates wherever you see the XML button (xml is just the language used to create the RSS). I use this instead of checking actual online newspapers and stuff now, and keep up with what's going on in education, etc.

I've subscribed to the ALARPM public forum, so I can see what's new here on the site.

...blogs are 'public' anyway, regardless of the rss - unless here you've restricted your post to members only (only I'm not sure if that's operating at present - Gorm or Ross might be able to clarify?)!

James Farmer talks about incorporated subversion and the nature of blogging, if you want to get a bit more philosophical about it all!

Ciao, Marg

Who can view blogs

In answer to margaret, right now, blogs are set to be viewed by all visitors to the site. Ross Colliver

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