Invitation to Nominate for the new ALARA Management Committee

Notice to all Members

AGM Thursday, 11 September 2008 

Canberra Institute of Technology

The new management committee structure, endorsed by our committee, will enter into a second generation of activity at our next AGM in Canberra. Information about the policy, roles and structure is available here. We ask you to nominate a person (yourself or someone else) for a specific role on the committee. Your nomination will need a seconder and the form requires signatures from both people. However, as some nominations need to be done electronically, email addresses will be accepted in lieu of signatures.

The roles of the Management Committee are:

* The President

* The Secretary (constitional and minutes - role can be split between two people)

* The Treasurer

* The Global Vice President

* The Australia Vice President

*The Web Services Coordinator

* The Publciations Group Coordinator

* The Special Interest Group Coordinator

* The Membership and Marketing Coordinator

The Management Committee is comprised of two sub-groups. The President, Secretary (ies) and Treasurer make up “the Executive”.

The Web services, Publications, Special Interest Group and Membership Coordinators make up “the Working Group”. The two Vice President positions are active on both these sub-groups, providing a link between them.

The Executive and the Working Group meet (electronically, telephonically and face to face) independently of each other as necessary to complete their business. They also meet together, as the Management Committee four times year. One of those Management Committee meetings is at the AGM.   All positions on the Management Committee are declared open at the AGM. 

Nomination Forms and position descriptions outlaying core functions, structures and required inputs to sustain the management system for the Association are attached.

For more information, please send an email to and you will be put in touch with the current office bearer or a member of the current executive. 

Agreement to serve on any of the Management Committee’s groups implies acceptance of these conditions.

From The ALARA Executive


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