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An email list was established on 31 July 2005 for action researchers in the Sydney region. It expanded its role to include members of ALARPM (now ALAR) in all NSW. In almost 2 years only 34 messages have been posted to the list. 

The University of Sydney, which hosts the list, is rationalizing its Information Technology services, and closing down the email server that hosts the NSW action researchers email list. This means we must move. Sydney Uni is willing to provide a new list as a service to the action research community, which will have an address identified with the ‘usyd’ domain, however my duties have changed, and I will not be available to administer an email list. 

Since we established this list the ALAR website at has developed, and is now increasingly used by action researchers for announcements, discussions and blogs. It is now well established and works smoothly. I think it is appropriate for us to move the functions of the NSW ALAR email list to the ALAR web site.

I invite you all to discuss this in the Members group. If we wish, we can set up a NSW group on the ALAR web. I will follow the discussion with interest. Thanks to those who have used the email list over the last two years. I hope we can continue conversations in the ALAR web space,


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How about using this group Ian?

Hi Ian,

Love your idea to bring in the NSW ALAR list! There is currently a NSW-ACT group where memebrs can self-assign to here: http://www.alarpm.org.au/nsw-act

Would this make a good starting point for your list members?

And can ACT people drop in too? :o)

Cheers, Marg :o)

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How about using this group?

This message is both a reply to Margaret O’Connell in the ALAR members group (copied by email to Ross Colliver, the Webmaster.


Good idea, Margaret  I think it is interesting that I did not know about the NSW-ACT members group. Though I was logged in, when I clicked on the link in Margaret’s reply in Members Group I was not authorized to access the page. I went to ALARPM Home Page and clicked on ‘Groups’ but did not find NSW-ACT members group there. 

Can Margaret or Ross please tell me how I can access the NSW-ACT members group, and Ross, is there a way this group can be made easier to find on the web site? Might other members have a similar experience to mine?


Ian Hughes


Hi Ian

I am working on linking all NSW and ACT members to the group.

 I will let you know when complted.

Donna Alleman

Admin Coordinator 

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NSW Action Researchers

Hi Ian - good to meet up in this ALAR web-space. I do like Margaret's suggestion of creating a space in the ALAR for the New South Wales Action Researchers. It would also be very helpful to use the NSW space for sharing some details of the action research accounts you and others have been producing. I know you've seen what we've been doing in Bath to support action research and the more we can do to make it easier to share our accounts from different parts of the world the better. I'm hoping to be in Sydney between the 18-29 December this year and hoping that it might be possible to meet up with some of the NSW action researchers.

Love Jack.






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Jack Whitehead visit to Sydney

Hello Jack

It is great to hear of your proposed visit to Sydney. I am sure we can arrange something, and I would like to do that through the NSW-ACT Group on this ALAR website when Ross Colliver and Donna Alleman have not completed setting it up.

Warmest regards

Ian Hughes

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It's up and running

the NSW-ACT group is now up and running.

Ross Colliver, TTDG, 0411 226519

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