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Cooperative Collaborative research and informed consent and member checking

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Back in March, in conversation with MargO and VickiV, about participatory action research, and about operating as a participant-observer, and about what might be involved in cooperative and/or collaborative research, or participatory action research, a number of issues were raised:

  • The process, in such a context, of the prime researcher (who is undertaking accredited studies), and ‘farming’/ ‘harvesting’ data with/from peers and say, peers’ practice and their practice knowledge
  • The extent to which the peers might also gain qualifications while co-researching
  • The nature of the level of writing up that constitutes an accredited (because assessed/examined) qualification, compared to ‘working knowledge’ developed, say, for the participants
  • Equity and equality issues in such a context.


Since posting my remarks about my own practice*, and the need to disclose (some of) that practice here at ALARPM to demonstrate congruence, by having my ‘research practice’ open to equity of observation and evaluation, (27/6), the question of ‘member checking’, and/or what might be involved in cooperative or collaborative research, and individual activity here at ALARPM, has come into sharper focus for me.


If I am to collaborate with others, for example members of ALARPM on this website, in researching AL/ AR/ what-not practice, and where I am putting my practice, and my thinking about that practice, out there, for critique, and observing my own practice as I go, and as I interact with members here, what will constitute ‘informed consent’, and/or ‘member-checking’ (a la Guba and Lincoln and others) for the ‘others’ with whom I interact, who might be considered to be co-researchers in my research?


For instance in Tapped In, in the After School Online room Welcome text, and attached to the Calendar of events preamble, there is a caveat about the contents of the transcripts of ‘public sessions’ being ‘published’ in the Transcript archive, and thereby ‘in the public domain’ and perhaps open to use for research.   Clearly, Tapped In needs to use this material for any qualitative analysis of its effectiveness to justify its support funding.


It seems to me that this is something I have overlooked in considering how I go about self-study, and something I have overlooked attending to when I am reading about how others go about self-study.


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