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My blog is focused on facilitating a global dialogue that enhances the flow of values that carry hope for the future of humanity and my own through action research accounts of our enquiries into improving our practice and generating knowledge. I am thinking of enhancement in terms of increasing activity in our interconnecting and branching channels of communication with digital technology.

From Groningen2006 to Singapore 2009 - Generating a new epistemology from Action Research

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After the Groningen Congress on standards and ethics I agreed to convene the 2006-7 Practitioner-researcher SIG e-seminar for the British Educational Research Association on WHAT STANDARDS OF JUDGMENT DO WE USE IN EVALUATING THE QUALITY OF THE EDUCATIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATIONAL THEORIES WE ARE CREATING AS PRACTITIONER-RESEARCHERS? You can join the conversation at:

and access the archives at:

I'm still exploring the implications of the theme of the Third World Congress of ALARPM in Bath in 1994 of Accounting for Ourselves and feel that we action researchers are now in a position to make explicit the new epistemology for educational knowledge that Donald Schon called for in 1995. What I've got in mind is a new epistemology that is distinguished by its living logics and living standards of judgment that are relationally dynamic and inclusional. The inclusion of video in multi-media action research accounts of action researchers working in their social, cultural and professional contexts, is now enabling us to see ourselves as others see us and to examine our educational influences in the learning of others and in the learning of social formations with the help of visual narratives that include this visual evidence of what we are doing. The latest doctorate to do this is that of Eden Charles and you can browse through the Abstract and Contents of this thesis on:

How Can I Bring Ubuntu As A Living Standard of Judgement Into The Academy? Moving Beyond Decolonisation Through Societal Reidentification And Guiltless Recognition


I'm very interested to developing a conversation with you and other ALARPM members on the nature of the knowledge we are creating through our action research.

Love Jack.

When Martin Dobson, a colleague, died in 2002 the last thing he said to me was 'Give my Love to the Department'. In the 20 years I'd worked with Martin it was his loving warmth of humanity that I recall with great life affirming pleasure and I'm hoping that in Love Jack we can share this
value of common humanity.

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