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Some thoughts on protocols for practical cooperative/collaborative research

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On July 10, 2007, in the course of recording my thinking about the 'practicalities' of conducting cooperative/ collaborative research, I drafted the following notes that might represent my beginning understanding of what might be appropriate protocols for reporting about 'participants' in any such research report:

What protocols?

  • Obviously not necessarily naming (confidentiality; respectful representation)
  • Material is probably not ‘sensitive’; I think I could edit out the ‘personally sensitive’; and/or definitely identify what risks that and clear that before proceeding with disclosure
  • Framing the material as ‘how I understand it’
  • Offering some examples before posting to indicate kind of remarks, scope and get a sort of ‘blanket clearance’
  • Complying with any particular requests by the participant before, during, after
  • The Argyris contract clause: Terms of Contract (Argyris, 1993, p.283): 'fifty-second/four-hour contract : terminated by either party with fifty seconds notice, followed by a four hours session to discuss the termination decision, for the purpose of understanding what happened, not for the purpose of changing the decision'