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Qualitative inquiry and the reflective action researcher

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There's ongoing discussion following across the emails after the Adelaide conference, particularly regarding ALARA's role as a 'psedo-political' body (whatever that might mean, and is certainly up for discussion). I landed on this article on my internet travels:

Diane Watt, (2007) On Becoming a Qualitative Researcher: The Value of Reflexivity, The Qualitative Report, Vol 12 Number 1, March 2007, 82-101, from University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Watt discusses the participatory elements of qualititative research in some detail, including techniques such as participant observation.

I thought I'd share this with you, other ALARA members so as to continue the discussion about the possible directions ALARA might head. We have as much to learn from "our elders" (like long-term ALARA members and ex-officios) as we do from 'novices' and initiates and niave inquirers!

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Thanks for the reference

Hi Margaret,

This one was right down my alley

Dianne Allen KIAMA, NSW

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