Agenda Items: Facilitator; Subject; Components identified (but not limiting!)

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Agenda Items derived from Executive Committee minutes, Action Plan, Annual Cycle Timetable, notifications received from MC members, consultations with President

as at 30/8/2007:

Facilitator  Subject

Susie        G1: Introductions Cafe-style social (for possible use in Newsletter)

Susie        G1: New Management Committee Structure

Susie         G2: Policy on World Congresses

  • G2/G3: Seed funding
  • G2: Policy (past; future)
  • G2/D5 Formation of International Network Group
  • L7/G3 Groningen update

John           G3 Budget

  • G3 Reorganising budget: incoming and outgoing monies

Dianne        G4 Endorse AGM 2007 papers

Stewart       G5 Visioning Process

Iain           L5 SA Conference Evaluation

Ross          D3 Website Development

Vicki/Ross  D3 Livery

Iain           D4 Affiliates

Vicki          D6 Marketing and Membership plan

Susie         D7 Nomination/s to ACT (ALARA Council of Treasures) category

Dianne       D8/D3 Action plan on ALARA name change

MargaretO  L1-3 Publications

Shankar     L1 2007 #2 Journal issue assemblage

Iain           L4 Workshops, Events, Networks (current policy)

Iain           L5 Next National Conference: Canberra/ Tasmania?

Ted           L8 Special Interest Groups: Indigenous; Barcelona; Mentoring

Susie         L8 Advisory Group/s and invitations

Susie         A Activism

Dianne Allen

Meeting Minute Secretary

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Missing items in our discussion

Hi Di

This is great organisation of our conversation and highlights that
a) because Ernie and Bill have not participated the Gronigen issue remains undiscussed/undecided
b) the next national conference in undiscussed.
I will make new discussion topics
Thank you
Susan Goff

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Sorry everyone - having only just got on this system this weekend, I am not able to present a budget picture - I don't have access to my work email at home as it is on a restricted system.

However, Donna posted the current state of the SA Conference budget, which is in a good position.  I will need to access the monthly ingoing and outgoing financial records to make any sense of a future budget, also I will need to work out accrued liabilities and future commitments. Let me know if anyone has any future commitments that haven't already been taken into account in the current budget.

A new budget picture won't be possible before the meeting's scheduled closure.

regards, John

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Budget clarifications

Hi John

I apologise
I was hoping that Bill would do a hand over but perhaps he is away. I have uploaded the budget for everyone with a message re how we can rework it. We have about two weeks to our Executive so can take a moment to think it through.
Susan Goff

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Thanks for posting it

regards, John

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