D8/D3 Action Plan for ALARA Name Change

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Report of discussion between Margaret Fletcher, Donna Alleman, Dianne Allen

  • Some tasks have been done
  • Some tasks must be finalised before others can be commenced
  • Some tasks can run concurrently
  • Different people will be responsible for different aspects, some of which have been allocated, and some of which have not yet

See details in attached file in a tabular form

Decision required:

1. Allocate unallocated tasks

2. Any amendments, elaborations required

3. Endorse amended Action Plan

Consequential actions: Individuals allocated will have carriage of tasks as nominated in plan

Action Plan for ALARA name change.doc50 KB
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Action Plan for Alara name change

I endorse the Action Plan as set out Sept 1 2007


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Action Plan for Alara name change - logo etc

Thanks for this Dianne. As the official name change has been registered with the Office of Fair Trading, it would be expedient to update the graphics. The badging of the Newsletter / stationery / website etc is an important part of the process in familiarising everyone the new ALARA!

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An Exec letter for journal?

Would it be possible for the Exec (perhaps Susie?) to write a short piece for the ALARj Oct edition regarding the name change? Otherwise I can write an editorial piece to this effect?

I was also thinking that this might tie in nicely with a bit about the History of ALARPM/ALARA as was displayed at the Adelaide Conference (Susie did you keep the diagram you used? coudl we reproduce an electronic version of it somehow?) Might also be a nice feature piece for the newsletter too!

Cheers, Marg :o)

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http://edge.edublogs.org/ OR http://www.alarpm.org.au/blog/133

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pieces and maps

I wonder if Marg F could write someting about name change - as you have been holding this activity for a while and have a sense of the feel of the process - warts and all?

I will see if I can get Jenny who is looking at our livery to do a graphic of the history map in time... 
It would be good to post on the home page once we move the SA conference logos into affiliate links at the completion of the MOU. Thanks Marg O
Susan Goff

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