Creating forum topic

When you go via: Create content -> forum topic you will find yourself with a form for adding a topic to a forum.

There are different forums on the ALARPM web-site, with each a different focus, e.g. the public forum is intended for having general discussion where non-members can participate.

From the left hand margin, select "create content/meeting agenda topic."  If your are participating in a Management Committee meeting, select "MC meeting agenda topic."

The forum topic you create will become a headline and the opening statement in a discussion. The red asterisk denotes that you have to have a headline (called Title) for the topic to be registered.

In the drop-down menu called Groups/Audience, choose which audience your topic should be presented to - a specific meeting, or ALAPM members in general. If you are creating a topic in an MC meeting, under Meeting, leave the current meeting highlighted.  

In the topic text area, you present your discussion item. Notice the editing options at the foot of the editing box. In general, leave the formatting as it appear - it is small in the editing box, but will be a larger font when you see it displayed on the web page.

If your topic requires further elaboration or background materials, you may also attach a file to your forum topic.

At the bottom of the form, you have two options: 1. Preview the topic you just wrote: if you want to have a look at it before submitting it. 2. Submit the topic to your selected forum: you have to submit the entry for it to appear in the forum.

If you want to change the text of your topic after you have submitted it, you go to the topic page and select the edit tab. This will take you back to the create forum topic with the existing text in the form for you to edit and submit when satisfied.

If you want to add new information to your topic you can also comment to your own postings. E.g. if you want to create a discussion of a workshop, you can create the topic and add replies to indicate different foci in the general discussion of the workshop: "A workshop" (this is the topic)

  • "materials" (this comment could be a line of replies containing the materials, where they could be discussed)
  • "participants" (this comment could be a line of replies where the participants could present themselves)
  • "evaluation" (this comment could be a line of replies evaluating the workshop)