MC Electronic Meeting Protocols September 2007 details

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We're just setting up for the September meeting.

MC members will each set up agenda items in your area of responsibility, facilitate these, and write a summary of conclusions.

You will find your area(s) of responsibility in the item below called "Agenda Items." Read this first. It sets out the structure of ALARA business, and links you to relevant policy and information in each area of business (great job Dianne!).

To create open an agenda item for discussion, follow these steps:

  1. Have the MC Mtg Sept 07 group page open
  2. Access the "create content" menu while in the “MC Mtg Sept 07” group.
  3. Select the MC Discussion Topic option
  4. Make the title descriptive.
  5. Under "Categories" check the name of the current meeting, in this case “MC Mtg Sept 07”.
  6. In the intro to the topic, give people a clear idea of why you are raising this matter for discussion, Give background and intent.
  7. Indicate what kind of decision you are aiming for at the end of discussion
  8. Under "Groups" check the current meeting group, in this case “MC Mtg Sept 07”.
  9. Under "Comment settings," set to the option you want. "Read/Write" means members of MC Mtg Sept 07 can read and write comments on the material you are putting into the group. Choose this option.
  10. Use "File attachments" to add any documents related to the agenda topic. (Don't forget to 'Attach' after you have browsed and identified the item to be attached.)
  11. Check item using Preview option if you prefer

Notice that as you came down the page, you passed a section called "Agenda Topic Outcome."

This is where you will summarise conclusions after discussion of the agenda item.

Notice also, that you can go back to the title and the body and edit these if you see a need during the discussion.

As Secretary I will have a watching brief on posts and discussions, and I will endeavour to develop the linking and linkages in the overall meeting agenda list, linking the item in the agenda to the discussion elsewhere, under the page where you are responsible.

See an example of Responsible for Agenda Item Leadership with Ross's website item and discussion posting arising.

See an example of indicating direction of decision making required (and attaching a file) in Dianne's "D8/D3 Action Plan for ALARA Name Change"

Another area of the MC Business is to be found in the MC Resource category, immediately under the MC Discussion Topic. There is provision there for comments to be made about the resource, by any/all participants, and in your email notifications you will receive advice about when such comments are posted.

In our September MC meeting, discussion on aspects of the Action Plan and the Visioning document may well occur there as well as under MC Discussion Topic.

After our experience with this MC meeting and the difference between Discussion Topic and Resource areas as places to engage with the items being addressed, we might want to consider whether the Resource area becomes the repository of documents to refer to, or whether we do as Susie is doing, bringing documents required to the Discussion Topic post.