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Treatise on the Nature of Inquiry - Attachments to a blog entry

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I am currently in discussion with folk at BERA, and am about to refer them to some of my material loaded at Community Zero ...

If I can place an attachment here ....??? That might be more accessible.

The discussion at BERA is about research on learning the research process, and on mentoring (or supervising, or teaching, or coaching) new researchers.

One of the forms my thesis took at one stage was a longer developed argument about how I was beginning to understand the nature of inquiry and the implications for learning to inquire and learning to change an established inquiry mode (ie learnign to change, part of my thesis journey).  I drew that drafting together at the end by observing some of why I think there has been little to no research of learning how to research until relatively recently.

So here, as an attachment, is the full monty, just so I can trial having attachments to blog entries.

The second attachment, referred to in the first attachment, provides my 'anecdotes' - those stories, those knots of relevance, that were part of the process that forced a more careful examination of my understanding of 'research'.

In the first attachment, which I titled 'Inquiry into Inquiry', I address:

  • Experience posing questions
  • Inquiry Issues
  • Inquirying into Inquiry - rebuilding my conceptual framework
  • Improving Inquiry of Practice, in-practice
  • In Summary: Converging on Inquiring into Inquiry of Practice, in-practice
  • Methodological understanding for the Conduct of Reflective Research of Practice - Round 2

The particular section that explores why research itself has not been inquired into, rather taken for granted is dealt with in the section Improving Inquiry of Practice, in-practice.

Since attaching files works, I may need to negotiate with ALARA about being my site of preference of providing public access to my work.

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