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Welcome to the home of ALARA - the Action Learning, Action Research Association. ALARA is a strategic network of people interested in using action research and action learning to generate collaborative learning, research and action to transform workplaces, schools, colleges, universities, communities, voluntary organisations, governments and businesses.

ALARA's vision is that action research and action learning will be widely used and publicly shared by individuals and groups creating local and global change for the achievement of a more equitable, just, joyful, productive, peaceful and sustainable society. See "ALARA Flyer" below for more, or keep browsing this website.

Discussion Groups on Action Learning and Action Research on LinkedIn

ALARA member Robyn Taylor's online LinkedIn discussion group for students and educators interested in collaborative and participative approaches to learning and research now has 85 members!  Further information on the group is available in the flyer below here. To join, use the link above or search for "ALARA Inc. Tertiary Education Community" in the LinkedIn group directory.

LinkedIn also has a discussion group on Action Research and Learning in Organisations, which has a steady trickle of discussion and questions from people apply these methods to learning in organisations. For example, there's a discussion starting on costs and benefits of applying Action Learning - What are the latest organizational assessments?

ALARA 2010 World Congress Proceedings

From Theory to Practice; Context in Praxis - ALARA's 8th Action Learning, Action Research and 12th Participatory Action Research 2010 World Congress Proceedings is now available. 


This 270-page book has 24 papers from authors from around the world on a wide variety of topics and situations where they have used Action Learning or Action Research. Some abstracts from the presentations during the World Congress are available at ALARA's World Congress site, and the book with selected papers is available in printed paperback or pdf formats from Sydney University Press at http://purl.library.usyd.edu.au/alara/18391168

Other news

Long-time ALARA member and action researcher Yoland Wadsworth has a short course on human inquiry for living systems on in July-August in Melbourne at the OASES Graduate School. An excellent way to grow the edges of your understanding of action research. See "up-coming events" at the right of screen.

Jean McNiff's edited e-book Value and Virtue in Practice-based Research is now available at http://www.september-books.com/valueandvirtue.asp It is for free download until 1st September 2013 when it will go on the open market for sale. 


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