Publications Overview

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ALARA currently has three publications: 

  • a journal,
  • a monograph series and 
  • a members' newsletter.

These publications are managed by a Publications Working Group. If you are an ALARA member with an interest in working on publications, please get in touch with the Publications Coordinator by email: editor [at]

ALAR Journal

Through the ALAR journal we promote the study and practice of AL, AR and related approaches, and AL and AR networking on a global basis. There are two issues of the ALAR journal each year.

The journal contains project reports, reflections on seminars and conferences, articles related to the theory and practice of action learning, action research and related approaches, and reviews of recent publications. It aims to be highly accessible for both readers, contributors and practitioners.

We place journal issues on this website a year after members receive them in hardcopy: see attached PDF files below. If you wish to receive hardcopy back issues please order here (Note the available editions right of screen).

Check the Submission guidelines.

ALARA Monograph Series

The monograph series provides an opportunity for authors to publish quality refereed work that is more extensive than the length of a conventional paper. Authors thus are expected to present in-depth information and analysis on a topic.

The monograph case studies will contribute to theoretical and practical understanding of action research and action learning in applied settings.

The monographs are targeted at a broad range audience including practitioners, academics, researchers, leaders, community workers, students, etc. A key emphasis is on the fact that the monographs will be formally refereed and only quality case studies will be published. In this situation, quality refers to

  • evidence of rigorous data collection
  • strong theoretical underpinning
  • deep reflection on results and
  • professionally written using APA guidelines.

Case studies in this refereed series contribute to theoretical and practical understandings of action research and action learning in applied settings. They deal with:

  • completed action research cases, successful and unsuccessful;
  • partial successes and failures;
  • work in progress;
  • several cases assembled to illustrate important issues; and/or
  • problemative issues in current cases.

Eileen Piggot-Irvine, Director of the New Zealand Action Research and Review Centre, Unitec New Zealand,
is the Editor, supported by a Monograph editorial team of Danny Burns, Mary Brydon-Miller, Stephanie Chee, Pip Bruce Ferguson, Geoff Mills, Madhu Ranjan, Pieter Du Toit, Shankar Sankaran, Judith Kearney (Griffith University), and the ALARA Publications Working Group. Accepted monographs will be published here on the ALARA website.

Check the Submission guidelines.

ALARA Members Newsletter

Ongoing ALARA news, up and coming activities, and members' stories are circulated regularly in an email newsletter. Submit your news, activities and brief features for inclusion in the newsletter to alar [at]

Newsletters are also available on the ALARA website as PDF documents:

Occasional Publications

ALARA or affiliated organisations may publish the proceedings of the World Congresses, and some other conferences promoted or organised by the Association.

Stay tuned for online publications of papers and presentations from our up and coming national conferences!


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