Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Intent of Policy:
1.1 This policy describes the way in which ALARA manages and uses personal and organisational information that members provide to facilitate the benefits and obligations of membership.

2. Scope:
2.1 The policy applies to all personal data captured and stored at any interface including but not limited to web site, written application forms, Member data bases, and member data held by any member in an official capacity (e.g. member of ALARA Management Committee)

3. Exclusions (if any): Nil

4. Key Objectives: To ensure that ALARA honours and complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1998

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ALARA offers four types of membership: Individual, Organisational, Ex-offico and Life. ALARA's Management Committee approves Ex-offico and Life Memberships.  

Individual Membership 

Membership is open to anyone interested or active in applying the practices of action learning and action research within community and organisational contexts. 

Publications Overview

ALARA Publicationsalarj_cover

ALARA currently has three publications: 

  • a journal,
  • a monograph series and 
  • a members' newsletter.

These publications are managed by a Publications Working Group. If you are an ALARA member with an interest in working on publications, please get in touch with the Publications Coordinator by email: editor [at]


We facilitate networking amongst members and others in projects, research, teaching or learning about action learning, action research and process management and related approaches. ALARA can support a branch or network to "start up" or events and activities with seed funds (repayable once up and running). Members are encouraged to work as network hubs generating interaction among members with a particular interest or in a specific geographical area.

The first local network was Brisbane ALARA in Queensland, and this remains a highly active powerhouse. It has generated numerous activities and fund-raisers, and is associated also with Bob Dick's AR-listservice and ARwebsite, and also Shankar Sankaran's Southern Cross AR Institute. Other networks are in Victoria, Singapore and South Africa. They may or may not be called ALARA branches, as our focus is on supporting or linking with authentically local networks or organisations, either ones already-existing, or those newly emerging. We are explicitly not empire-building colonisers!

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