MC Meeting October 2006

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AR@Italia Melbourne Discussion Group

30 Mar 2011 - 6:30pm

The Melbourne AR group now meets at Café Italia 56 University Street, Carlton (just off Lygon b/w Grattan and Elgin), monthly on Wednesdays at 6.30pm.

Parking most possible in Cardigan around Pelham, or off Swanston St next to Lincoln Square (extension of Pelham).

Amongst other mattters, we will discuss the idea of each meeting having a set discussion topic complemented by a brief paper distributed by the proponent, additional to our usual brief round the table reports of current arising AR exploits and conundra.

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GULL - development for organisations and communities

29 Oct 2010 - 9:00am
29 Oct 2010 - 11:30am

The GULL model – designed by Dr Richard Teare, President of the
Global University for Lifelong Learning (GULL) – has been
introduced in several communities and endorsed by governments in
many countries around the world in the last three years, often in
partnership with NGOs, such as World Vision International,
Tearfund and Compassion International. The model is based on
equality and inclusivity rather than hierarchy, and has been piloted
successfully in Logan City with support of a Griffith University
Community Partnership Program and endorsement by a Samoan
community organisation. GULL is ideally suited for members of
refugee and migrant communities who have missed the opportunity
of a traditional mainstream education, people in remote Indigenous
communities, and those who have had their education prevented or
disrupted by disadvantage.

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11 Feb 2010 - 6:30pm
11 Feb 2010 - 9:00pm

<!--StartFragment--><!--StartFragment-->AR@ZiaTeresa is a discussion forum for action research practitioners looking to share ideas and food with like-minded people. It emerged from the 2009 ALARA Conference in Melbourne. AR@ZiaTeresa provides an opportunity for experienced practitioners and those less experienced and looking for clues, to share the dilemmas of theory and practice. It is not only for engaging the intellect, but also the participation of all the senses, bringing them to explore ways of working over a glass of wine and home-cooked Italian food (three courses and coffee for $25.00) combined with the experience of Teresa’s warm hospitality.<!--EndFragment--> 

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ALAR Journal

Dear all,

Donna has been sending an email around to support the next issue of ALAR. I have an idea to get some papers for the journal. Many papers were presented at the World Congresss in Groningen and some have been published by journals like Concepts and Transformations. Perhaps Pieter can get in touch with Ben Boog and see if there are some papers that have not been published and we can then publish them as refereed journal papers in ALAR after being vetted by our editorial commitee.

We should also encourage research students who are conducting action research to publish. When Ernie came over to Brisbane we had some sessions with him at Southern Cross and Griffith and students/academics explained about research they were conducting. We should ask them to consider submitting papers to ALAR.





Management Committee Meeting Minutes July 2006

ALARPM Management Committee Meeting

July 2006



Present: Ross Colliver, Margaret Fletcher, Bill Genat, Susan Goff, Margaret O’Connell, John Saward, Ernie Stringer, Susan Young

Excused:  Ben Boog, Ian Hughes, Shankar Sankaran


On July 2nd John Saward, alias mcwebman, introduced himself and explained that he would be monitoring the meeting to determine if there are ways that he might improve the functioning of the site.

On July 4, Ernie distributed an announcement that the Management Committee would be meeting on-line and encouraged members to check out the system ahead of the July 10-16 meeting.

1. ALARPM Subcommittees and Working Groups

Susan Goff reported from the marketing and advocacy committee that discussions had begun about how to promote broader use of AR and to support the interests of ALARPM members.  She also noted the importance of remaining mindful of the ethical and practical issues involved in promoting the practice of AR.  She invited further discussion. Susan Young then described two recent events in Perth focused on the management of AR projects with postgraduate students and academic researchers in university settings.  Common themes that came out of these meetings included exploring the method more thoroughly including different strategies for individuals and groups, the need for knowledgeable support, working with stakeholders, assessing success, and working within the university structure.

2. International conferencesThere was discussion about the upcoming World Congress and opportunities to attract new ALARPM members.  There was also discussion about the role of ALARPM and AR in general development work.  The upcoming Singapore World Congress was discussed as an opportunity to further this goal.    3. Australasian Conferences

Margaret Fletcher posted on the upcoming National Conference in Brisbane noting that presenters had been notified of their acceptance and encouraged to register and advertising for the event begun.  Two additional events, one hosted by the College of Action Research at SCU and one at Griffith University were upcoming.

4.  ALARPM organisational and constitutional matters

Ernie acknowledged the contributions of retiring MC members Judith McMorland, Gail Janske, and Susan Boser.  He also suggested that we might want to be thinking about finding someone to serve as President after he completes his term after next year and called for nominations.  Susan Goff thanked Ernie for all his work, and suggested that we might want to consider a woman to maintain gender balance in the position and asked if we should presume that the new President would be Australian or would it be workable/unworkable to have a President from outside Australia.

5.  Recent membership

Margaret Fletcher posted a list of new members.

6.  Finances

We have 131 members with 73 yet to renew for 2007.  Brochures for the Brisbane Conference have been sent out, although only one person had registered.  $40,000 remains on term deposit.  Expenditures included production of ALAR and some additional website development and training costs. 

7.  Project incubation area

Ernie summarized the discussions to date regarding the establishment of some kind of AR incubation project to support the development of AR initiatives.  Susan Young noted that there seemed to be a lot of interest in this area based on the work of local and regional groups. Susan Goff noted that there seemed to be two different but related issues involved, one the training of postgraduate students and the second developing advocacy efforts to support AR in public and private organisations, and asked Ernie for clarification on this point.  She also suggested that we think about framing the issues around the notion of “quality” rather than “guidelines” to get away from the idea that we can specify practices.

8.  AR/AL Education Worldwide

The conversation here focused around developing a directory of some kind to list potential AR supervisors and a way to make AR theses and dissertations more widely available.  Susan Goff noted that it is sometimes difficult for students interested in AR to find qualified supervisors and that discussions about this issue have been going on in various sites.  Susan Young described their experience in Perth around these ideas and said it would be helpful to have good exemplars available.  Susan Goff responded to say that Bath University and other sites post this information and that there are books available on doing postgraduate AR work.  Margaret O’Connell added that we might want to think about hosting an on-line AR study group and perhaps post a regular AR profile of some kind.

9.  Reflection on process.

Susan Goff asked about the low levels of participation and wondered if folks were still having difficulty accessing and using the on-line discussion system.

10. Any Other Business:  New Name

Ernie raised the question he plans to bring to the full membership regarding a possible name change for the organizass="t>

  •   Margaret Fletcher asked if there were suggessions for New namse, and Susan Goff suggested a bmainsoraming sessio to genertea possiilnitiet.  Ernie suggested wos:  Action LearninM and Action ResearchAssocipation( ALAR) for the Action Research and Action LearninMAssocipation( R AL)7.  Bill Genao suggested the Action Research InternationalAssocipation( RIR) to mpha sizt the internationalscopes ot the organizass="t>
  • Susan Goff gereed about theiInternational cmoponent, but wascConcrined about possible conussio withYorlana’s organizass="t>
  • hie suggested Action Research andRrelatedPpracticeh International( RRPI) for Action ResearchPpracticeh International( RPI) for InternationalPpracticlAssocipationffor Action Research(IPAAL)e as possible"alternatives, Margaret O’Connelr posted a list ofswores that relatl to rg describf AR and suggestedGrowninMInnovpationNet work, ActionDdevelopment International for ActionPpracticehNet wore as ideaa.

        MAny members ot the Cf responded withmenhussaistif thanne. AR warmwlishns forYorlana.

  • elatar posted to announcy that hehis akding a poiation on te> Faiculty otDdesiga, Achsitucture. ARBuilrding at the University of Tchnologby ydnety.

      May Bryd onMialle>


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