Breaking news

The ALARA National Conference 2011 will be held in Brisbane. Planning is underway by a group of experienced members. The date is 26-27 September 2011, so add this to your 2011 diary now. The location is Riverglenn, close to the city and a quiet and friendly place.

The next edition of the ALARA Journal will focus on "Future Praxis" - what examples of innovative, break through, action learning and action research currently exist, that point the way towards new generations of practice forms to meet our world? Details Call for Papers here.

The October 2011 edition will focus on the theme of decolonising practice. The murky boundaries of insiders and outsiders, benefits for both colonisers and colonised, seeming blindness to Indigenous knowledges and the importance of careful listening are some of the current dilemmas and solutions actions researchers experience in the decolonising space. See the Call for Papers here.

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