Action Approaches to Untangle the 'Godliness' and 'Spirit' within us

This workshop applies processes for making varied interpretations of ‘well-being' and ‘spirit' relevant and inclusive for all of us, giving foundational elements for working within and across cultures at all times...more

  Sunday 5th September 2010 10am-1pm
  Tilly Reedy is Ngati Porou and a director of Reedy Holdings. She and Tamati are life-long educational practitioners who bring the wisdoms of their experiences as native speakers of te reo Maori: the Maori language, of life in Maori communities, tertiary and international contexts and use these to expand and share opportunities for reflection and understanding of everyday Maori whanau: families, living in the early 21st Century.  
Riripeti Reedy is passionate about engaging people's minds to think ‘outside' of themselves in order to make positive changes for themselves. For her the processes of inquiry that action research generates are precisely the processes that go toward, individuals, small groups and large organisations, making strong and good decisions that they can make and unmake as they grow forward. She is an experienced facilitator, teacher, researcher and strategic public policy analyst who works to foster participatory processes across all areas of business as a director of the Maitai Group. 
  Half day $200 18 participants by 2nd August 2010  
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