Decolonising Business - Work Practices inside the Space

A decolonising space is always a space of mediators and negotiators in which the boundaries of what we consider whose business (mine, yours, theirs or ours) are literally made and remade as we speak. This half-day workshop explores practices of self and identity, takes those practices to work them with others to open us as mediators and negotiators inside a decolonising space...more

Venue Decolonising Sunday 5th September 2010 2pm-5pm
Riripeti Reedy is passionate about engaging people's minds to
think ‘outside' of themselves in order to make positive changes for
themselves. For her the processes of inquiry that action research
generates are precisely the processes that go toward, individuals, small
groups and large organisations, making strong and good decisions that
they can make and unmake as they grow forward. She is an experienced
facilitator, teacher, researcher and strategic public policy analyst who
works to foster participatory processes across all areas of business as
a director of the Maitai Group. 
  Half day $200 students $50 
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