World Congress 2010 - Program

Eighth ALARA World Congress 2010
Participatory Action Research and Action Learning
Appreciating our Pasts, Comprehending our Presents
Prefiguring our Futures

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DAY 1: The origins of AL, AR and PAR: Whose shoulders are we standing on?

What are our legacies, sources, historical, philosophical, practical, areas of application? Day One offers opportunities to converse about and better appreciate the foundations of the various participatory and action-based approaches to learning, researching, social change, organisational change, community and international development, welfare and health, the ecology, working with certain groups of people. What can we learn from the elders in our various movements? How can we maintain and emulate the spirit of those who were then brave enough to try and make a difference, with such vigour and effect?

DAYS 2 & 3: Our present(-s): Where are we today with AL, AR, PAR?

Days Two and Three will explore the status of present-day praxis and will offer manifold opportunities to better understand and reflect on the complexities and challenges of today’s practitioners’ stories in the supportive company of others active in their fields of practice.
Day Three - more particularly - will offer an opportunity to meet in stream-specific venues across Melbourne. The venues are ‘home’ to institutions, organisations or agencies active in your particular applied field of PAR, AR, AL. The meetings will be co-organised by local groups and networks active in these fields and will (possibly) consist of keynote, plenary and workshop presentations, demonstrations, posters, whatever seems relevant and expressive of the particular directions PAR, AR and AL take in these field(s). More information about the modalities of the ‘streams’ can be found below. This day will provide a great opportunity to learn and reciprocally develop our skills!

DAY 4: Prefiguring: How will we evolve PAR, AL and AR in the times we inhabit?

We will explore questions of the next steps we will (have to?) take in the environments we co-create whilst engaging in our PAR, AR, AL work in our various working contexts. How will we address our local-global predicaments? How can we nurture up-and-coming generations of present and new practitioners and researchers whilst also staying in conversation with ‘older’ and second and third generations? How will we further develop the various approaches participants have shared during the previous three days and take them into our own habitats?

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