World Congress 2010 - Fees and Registration

Eighth ALARA World Congress 2010
Participatory Action Research and Action Learning
Appreciating our Pasts, Comprehending our Presents
Prefiguring our Futures

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Congress Registration

Preferred registration and payment is through the ALARA Events webpage via paypal.
Alternatively, you can register and pay by filling in the registration form in the preliminary program and paying by cheque or credit card. When you are ready, register here.

Congress Fees

$675.00*(AUS) Early registration - 2009 current member 

$725.00(AUS) Early registration - non-member


$750.00*(AUS) Later registration - 2009 current member                  

$800.00(AUS) Later registration - non-member


$500.00*(AUS) Concession rate - 2009 current member                          

$535.00*(AUS) Concession rate - non-member


$250.00(AUS) Student Scholarship (applications are now closed)

$210.00(AUS) Daily rate

$70.00(AUS) Additional for the Congress dinner (Wednesday 8th September 2010)

* Registration includes 50% discounted 2011 ALARA membership or concessional membership for existing financial members of ALARA.

Terms of Concession:
Unwaged, pensioner, full time student, low waged by individual application to the World Congress Management Committee: email attention: Jacques Boulet


Scholarships applications are now closed

ALARA, Borderlands Cooperative and oases Graduate School are not-for-profit and self-financing civil society organisations that rely on extensive networks. Please let others know about the Congress and/or tell us if there are others or other networks we should contact.