World Congress 2010 - Keynote Speakers

Eighth ALARA World Congress 2010
Participatory Action Research and Action Learning
Appreciating our Pasts, Comprehending our Presents
Prefiguring our Futures


We are honoured to announce four Keynote Speakers for the ALARA World Congress 2010.

Professor Budd Hall
from the University of British Columbia can be considered a global elder of the participatory action research movement since the 1960s; he is at present the Secretary of a worldwide network of community-based research. One of Canada's best-known adult educators, Budd is internationally known for his pioneering work in the development of the field of participatory research. His additional research interests include an international comparative study of social movement learning, an action research project on the role of universities in joint university-knowledge creation and adult learning and global civil society.

Alan Rayner
from the University of Bath has been an active contributor to the BERA seminars on Living Theory and has developed a highly original epistemology on ‘inclusionality’. Alan is a naturalist who uses art, poetry and a new form of mathematics, as well as rigorous science to enquire and communicate about our natural human neighbourhood. He has published over 150 scientific articles, 6 formal scientific books (including Degrees of Freedom: Living in Dynamic Boundaries) and six e-books. He was President of the British Mycological Society in 1998 and has been a Miller Visiting Research Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been using a participatory and co-creative approach to introduce and develop his evolutionary understanding of natural inclusion since 2001.

Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith,
Pro Vice Chancellor of Waikato University, New Zealand, is well known for her writing on post colonial knowledge and research methodology. Her research interests are wide-ranging and collaborative. She is known internationally for her work on research methodology and Maori and indigenous education. Her popular books are ‘Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies' and ‘Decolonizing Methodologies'.

Yoland Wadsworth,
Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne, has worked for 38 years with NGOs, she has written Australia's two best-selling social research and evaluation books based on a PAR approach. The final in the trilogy is to be published in 2010. Yoland is a life member and former president of ALARA, founder in 1986 of the Action Research Issues Association (ARIA) and its current convener.